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Environment is an invaluable resource and must be preserved through the development of a society taking the environmental impact of each choice. Technology is the tool to achieve this result. The innovation should be for all and shared making an affordable product on a large scale. Templari constantly invests in research and development of its products obtaining high quality standards and excellent quality price ratio, just to improve the deployment of new technologies.

The most compelling challenge is to meet the expectations of the end users, who believes in the ecological product and invests their capital in a renewable system that works and lasts long time.The combination of these values ​​are theTemplari daily challenges.

Why Kita

For many years Templari get experience with heat pumps in the residential market and it found the real needs of this market that is relatively new in Italy but it has high expectations.

The final user needs a heat pump with a smart working, low energy consumption, quiet and a reliable product in particular in a cold and wet climate.Moreover money saving it must be guaranteed.

Technology for the Environment, innovation for all and meet the customer expectations. This is the Templari company's mission.
KITA is produced in Italy and it can be Air to Water, Air to Air, monoblock or split with an high energy performance.

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