The History

Templari was established in 2006 by Gianluca and Massimo Masiero, with the aim of offering plant engineering solutions by means of new generation “heat pump” technology with very low environmental impact.

The beating heart of the company, the upshot of the passion and professional skills of the two brothers, is the R&D department where cutting-edge products are created, such as KITA, an innovative one-of-a-kind heat pump, totally conceived and designed in Italy.

KITA AIR has been designed to satisfy the need to heat and condition work environments such as offices, industrial sheds, warehouses and workshops This is an air-to-air heat pump ideal for large spaces that require high performance and where running costs and respect for the environment are priority requirements.

Over time, the KITA and KITA AIR product lines have evolved and important improvements in operation and design have been implemented. This has resulted in the products currently available on the market: a heat pump that combines technology and innovation with a refined design, providing high performance even at extremely cold outside temperatures (less than -20°C).

Templari’s KITA lines are an ecological solution that does not require the integration of boilers, thereby eliminating, once and for all, fossil fuels which are harmful to the environment. Day after day, Templari invests huge resources, skills and professional expertise, such as to ensure the ongoing evolution of the performances of its product range, implementing new solutions and functions which make the KITA lines increasingly more efficient and ecological, in order to satisfy the broadest possible range of customer requirements.

Join us

We are constantly looking for young people who, having acquired their knowledge through years of study, come to the labour world driven by a great desire to grow and learn.