The new heat pump with R290 gas with an elegant and versatile design

Why prefer heat pumps?

Heat pumps are able to meet the heating and air conditioning needs of homes or businesses, ensuring interior comfort without any boiler being required.

Quality and efficiency

high performance; operates at even extremely low outdoor temperatures (below -20°C.)


the heat pump produces an economic and energy saving; moreover, thanks to the state incentives available for replacing a traditional fossil fuel system, installing a heat pump is now even more affordable.

Eco friendly

Kita is environmentally friendly and permits eliminating fossil fuels, providing heating and air conditioning without the need for an auxiliary boiler.

The Kita project

KITA is a new generation energy-efficient air-water heat pump. KITA produces heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water, without the need for integration via boilers or electrical resistances.
Design Made in Italy
Templari heat pumps are entirely designed and engineered in Italy. In addition to increasing efficiency, the special design makes the heat pump into an attractive design object.
a special inverter fan model makes the Templari Kita heat pumps extremely silent.
Totally remote-controlled
thanks to the Touch display provided, the Templari Kita heat pumps can be conveniently operated from a smartphone, PC or tablet. Furthermore, Templari can identify any problems directly from a remote location, if necessary, thus reducing intervention times to a minimum.
EHPA certified
Templari Kita heat pumps are EHPA certified. To obtain the certificate, several quality tests need to be passed at authorised and recognised third party institutes. The most renowned of these is the Swiss WPZ centre, which awarded Templari the Certification after passing all the required tests by a wide margin.
Energy and money savings
despite their high performance, Templari heating pumps guarantee energy and money savings, as well as the definitive elimination of fossil fuels

Discover the solutions best suited to your needs

Residential Sector


Templari produces heat pumps which are ideal for energy requalification, both for private homes and for large industrial spaces, such as warehouses, workshops, sheds and gyms.

Industrial Sector


Templari’s Kita heat pumps provide maximum environmental comfort for both residential and industrial installations - heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water all in one.

We support you throughout the entire purchasing process


our local partners are available to provide advice by telephone and then carry out an on-site inspection to find the best solution to meet our customers' needs


for the sale of our products, we rely on our certified local distributors, present in Italy and abroad.


for us at Templari, training is essential, which is why our technicians are trained by us in order to provide an efficient and effective after-sales service.

Who installed Templari

  • Kita L33

    installazione di due pompe di calore Kita L33 da 25 Kw, per il riscaldamento di una struttura sanitaria, per una superficie totale di 1270 mq situata a Hörbranz, in Austria.

    Austria, Hörbranz

  • Kita Air +

    2 Kita Air +, potenza termica di 46,70 Kw che provvedono al riscaldamento della cattedrale di Lublino, in Polonia, del 16° secolo.

    Polonia, Lublino

  • Kita L Cold

    installazione di una pompa di calore Kita L Cold da 35 Kw, per il riscaldamento e il condizionamento di un B&B a Belluno. Struttura completamente elettrica.

    Italia, Belluno

  • Kita Mi

    installazione di una pompa di calore Kita Mi da 16 Kw, per il riscaldamento di un’abitazione unifamiliare di 140 mq ad Aosta, nei pressi del Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso.

    Italia, Aosta

    Why choose Templari

    Energy class A+++

    maximum efficiency, minimum consumption

    EHPA certification

    Internationally recognised quality mark, certifies the efficiency and high quality of heat pumps.

    Italian technology

    Kita is the upshot of an innovative, totally Italian project.