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HR the heat pump that combines technology and 360 ° design

In addition to integrating with any enabling standard, its new shape allows the fan to be housed in the upper part, avoiding annoying air movements and at the same time making it silent to the minimum terms.

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Condition large spaces with maximum efficiency

KITA Air air-to-air heat pump units are the best solution for conditioning large indoor spaces such as warehouses, production areas, greenhouses, etc., both for winter heating and for summer air conditioning.

Air e Air Cold Air Plus


Professional and teamwork

For many years Templari get experience with heat pumps in the residential market and it found the real needs of this market that is relatively new but it has high expectations. The final user needs a heat pump with a smart working, low energy consumption, quiet and a reliable product in particular in a cold and wet climate. Moreover money saving it must be guaranteed.

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KITA range

Residential Application
Air to Water Version

Industrial Application
Air to Air Version

Kita is a compact air to water heat pump of new generation with high efficiency. Kita provides heating, cooling and hot domestic water without the need of a boiler or an electric resistance.

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KITA AIR units are the best Air-to-Air solution to produce Heating and Cooling inside big internal space, for example warehouse, factory and greenhouses etc. Thanks to the external unit KITA, the operation is insured up to outside air temperatures of -33°C.

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