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Controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV)

You and your home deserve to breathe clean and healthy air!

Templari Controlled Mechanical Ventilation system allows you to live in an environment where the air is healthy, clean and, why not, odour-free.

How? Find out here how the system works and the considerable advantages of the Templari CMV system.


The Controlled Mechanical Ventilation of rooms is necessary to guarantee comfort and healthiness to the occupants:

  • prevents the formation of mould and condensation, guaranteeing clean air 24 hours a day
  • eliminates bad odours by expelling them from the room
  • ensures optimal oxygen levels at all times, preventing discomfort and irritation of the respiratory tract
  • filters and purifies the air thanks to efficient filtration systems
  • eliminates most of the problems caused by volatile organic compounds
  • eliminates problems caused by Radon
  • the house is better preserved over time, thus maintaining a higher value
  • reduces heat loss and energy waste

Technical specifications and documentation