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House Climate Control

Controlling the climate in your home simply means saving money!

The Templari House Climate Control system allows you to obtain maximum energy efficiency in every corner of your home, in an intuitive, easy and fast way.

How? Find out here how the system works and the considerable advantages of the Templari HCC system.

HCC advantages

  • Energy savings and increased comfort
    A complete and functional system able to accommodate up to 12 room sensors and 3 mixing units to distribute the thermal load according to environmental requirements. Hcc allows real-time modulation of the devices connected to the system, based on instantaneous demand.
  • Time band management
    to avoid energy waste based on daily habits.
  • Up to 4 adjustable profiles: eco, day, night and manual.
  • Remote management, to configure every HCC aspect from a remote device.

Easy to install

Il sistema può essere composto da:

  • The HCC uses the Modbus communication standard. Robust, simple and universally established in the industrial and home-automation world.
  • Easy to wire and configure: the entire system uses a single power source, and the individual peripherals can be configured in a few simple steps.
  • Universal: thermostats and floor boards are able to control different types of loads, interfacing with the majority of mixing valves, heads, circulators and fan coils on the market.


The system may include:

  • HCC Touch Display, to monitor and set all the system operating parameters
  • KITA heat pump, which works to generate the ideal temperature
  • FLOOR boards, which manage the mixers, heads and circulators for the radiators
  • ROOM sensors, which measure the parameters of individual rooms in real time


Optimised consumption for the heat pump and home comfort.

The HOUSE CLIMATE CONTROL monitor for home comfort management was designed to make climate management in your home as easy and intuitive as possible.

  • Integrated communication between the house and the heat pump.
  • Precise and continuous control of the PWM mixing valve, guided by both inlet and outlet sensors.
  • Active dehumidification can be managed thanks to the continuous calculation of the dew point.
  • Remote management of the data logger for the entire life of the heat pump.

Video Guides

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