Ideal for all residential users

Air to water Heat Pump Kita M from 3 to 15,4 KW

Available in both monoblock that Split and mono or 3-phase supply.

Kita M is the heat-pump with an heating capacity of 16 kW, optimal to satisfy the needs of all residential users, due to its low noise and high performance.

Heat pumps air-water Kita are equipped with Twin Rotary compressor with inverter and are able to provide heating, cooling and domestic hot water with maximum temperature of 60 °C.

The heat pumps series Kita are available in Monoblock and Split version.

  • Power supply 230V-50Hz or 400V-50Hz three-phase
  • Twin rotary compressor
  • Management of double setpoint for domestic hot water
  • Hydronic circuit with electronic circulator class A
  • Class A Fan
  • Inverter with proprietary software
  • Remote Control Panel
  • Climatic curve to fit the heat load varies as a function of external conditions
  • RS-485 interface
  • Managing external boiler
  • Integrated photovoltaic system
  • Stainless steel bowl for condensate
  • Available in MONOBLOCK and SPLIT versions
Ref. temperatureU.M.MinNominalMax
Air 7°C | Water 35°CHeating capacitykW4.368.6616.58
Air 2°C | Water 35°CHeating capacitykW3.847.6914.93
Air -7°C | Water 35°CHeating capacitykW2.485.9411.76
Air -15°C | Water 35°CHeating capacitykW1.884.969.28
Air 7°C | Water 55°CHeating capacitykW4.027.7213.37
Air 35°C | Water 7°CCooling capacitykW3.007.0012.10
Air 35°C | Water 18°CCooling capacitykW4.009.3013.50

    Kita M split, medium- and low-temperature

    Kita-M Split (Risc BT MT)

    Kita M split, heating and water heating

    Kita-M Split (Risc + ACS)

    Kita M, medium- and low-temperature

    Kita-M (Risc BT MT)

    Kita M, heating and water heating

    Kita-M (Risc + ACS)