Le unità aria-aria KITA Air si presentano come la migliore soluzione per il condizionamento di grandi spazi interni, come capannoni, aree di produzione, serre, ecc., sia in termini di riscaldamento invernale sia per il raffrescamento estivo. Permette di evitare il circuito idraulico e l’installazione tra unità esterna ed interna è semplice, immediata ed economica.

Air condition for big spaces with maximum efficiency

Air to Air Kita Heat AIR

Kita Air units are the best Air-to-Air solution to produce Heating and Cooling inside big internal space, for example warehouse, factory, greenhouses, etc. KITA Air allow to avoid the hydraulic circuit and the installation between indoor and outdoor units is simple, immediate and cheap.

Thanks to high air moved is guaranteed the necessary air renovation and proper conditioning of inner spaces.

They are composed by external standard Kita Air-Water with all theirs advantages, special design and 40 kW heating capacity compressor.

The outdoor unit is combined via a 410A gas line with an internal unit with a highly silent air-heater function that completely dissipates the transferred power.

Without water exchange these units have very high performances and efficiency, and reduce ice formation problem during cold period.

In harmony with the philosophy of Templari products, the generous sizing of the internal unit allows to obtain the maximum efficiency and maximum comfort in any condition, particularly in terms of extremely limited noise impact, thanks to the use of a special low-speed inverter fan.

In addition, thanks to the external KITA unit, operation is guaranteed up to outside air temperatures of -30°C.

In these types of structures generally conventional heating systems are used, such as air heaters, diesel or other fuels, which have high power consumption, low efficiency and can’t cool and finally they are very noisy because they have obsolete traditional fans.

The VRF alternative, which occasionally is proposed, is difficult to be used due to the fact that there are no commercially available units with power and features for these applications, as they are designed for structures of large size such as hotels, offices or shopping centers.

The innovation of KITA AIR consists instead in proposing a product that does not exist until now in the sector of air conditioning for industry, in particular warehouses and greenhouses, with a very simple installation and management, and economically much more advantageous.

  • 3Phase supply 400V – 50 HZ
  • Smart InjectionEVI Inverter Scroll compressor
  • Internal and External Units with BLDC  modulating fans, at low revolution number
  • Inverter con software
  • 2 electronic expansionvalves
  • Phase Controller
  • Climatic Curve to adapt to the thermal load varies as a function of external conditions
  • Remote Control panel
  • RS-485 interface
  • Stainless steel bowl for condensate
 Ref. TemperatureU.M.Nominal Working ConditionsMaximal Working Conditions
External 12°C / Internal 20°CHeating capacitykW29.0042.00
External 7°C / Internal 20°CHeating capacitykW26.5039.00
External 2°C / Internal 20°CHeating capacitykW23.4535.00
External -7°C / Internal 20°CHeating capacitykW19.0028.00
External 35°C / Internal 27°CCooling capacitykW27.0039.0