Epha / WPZ

What is EHPA

The EHPA Association (European Heat Pump Association) is active in Bruxells to promote the technologies of heat pumps as an sustainable alternative and to increase the use of renewable energy sources.

The EHPA seal of quality, internationally accepted, certifies the efficiency and high quality of heat pumps.

Obtaining the EHPA certificate

To obtain the EHPA certificate you have to pass numerous quality tests at approved institutions recognized by the association. The association EHPA provides an extensive list of authorized organizations and centers to issue its certification, on top of this list is WPZ. The WPZ Tests are the most strict and difficult to pass and therefore a certification obtained from them is the most prestigious. That’s why Templari decided to certify heat pumps Kita at the institute WPZ.

What is WPZ

The WPZ center for the tests of heat pumps, site in Buchs in Switzerland, is an approved center for the examinations and certification and it provides complete tests for producers and wholesalers. The Performance tests of the machines include the determination of the heating capacity and the calculation of the COP (coefficient of performance, or COP) and SCOP (seasonal COP), two of the most important values to understand the quality of the machine under test.

How to understand the data

The WPZ Tests provides the important comparable data. The COP, which represents the relation between the the energy used for the operation of the heat pump and that, which is produced to generate heat, is used as a term of comparison between the machines in the world to classify them, and to make more linear the comparison , all values are recorded in the constant production of 35 ° C compared to an external temperature of 2 ° C. The Kita Templari achieved a COP of 4.29 and it is at the moment a certain primacy in the world among the units with Inverter technology.

However, this value provides only a partial evaluation of the quality of the heat pump. therefore it has to be taken into consideration also given dell’SCOP, or Seasonal COP.

This data is got taking into consideration the sustained functioning in time of the heat pump, and it is also conditioned to the performance obtained from -10 ° C up to + 15 ° C outside air, the defrosting cycles and the adaptability of the unit under varying of functioning conditions. For KITA TEMPLARI is the SCOP of 4.77, value that can compete with the performance of much more expensive geothermal plants.
The set of all these data leads us to a primary coefficient of efficiency percentage, which for Kita Templari amounted to 190.7%, a value among the highest in the world, which allows to fall within largely in the highest energy class A +++.

The same WPZ tests performed in the operating conditions in high temperature (55 ° C) offer the versatility of Kita heat pumps in providing high temperatures compared to -20 ° C outside temperature, without the need for any integration. The Kita heat pump has a very high value of SCOP also at 55 ° C, equal to 3.74.