Ideal for all residential users

Air to water Heat Pump Kita M from 3 to 15,4 KW

Available in both monoblock that Split and mono or 3-phase supply.

Kita M is the heat-pump with an heating capacity of 16 kW, optimal to satisfy the needs of all residential users, due to its low noise and high performance.

Heat pumps air-water Kita are equipped with Scroll injection compressor with inverter and are able to provide heating, cooling and domestic hot water.

The heat pumps series Kita are available in Monoblock and Split version.

  • Power supply 230V-50Hz or 400V-50Hz three-phase
  • Scroll injection compressor
  • Management of double setpoint for domestic hot water
  • Hydronic circuit with electronic circulator class A
  • Class A Fan
  • Inverter with proprietary software
  • Remote Control Panel
  • Climatic curve to fit the heat load varies as a function of external conditions
  • RS-485 interface
  • Managing external boiler
  • Integrated photovoltaic system
  • Stainless steel bowl for condensate
  • Available in MONOBLOCK and SPLIT versions
Ref. temperatureU.M.MinNominalMax
Air 7°C | Water 35°CHeating capacitykW4.368.6616.58
Air 2°C | Water 35°CHeating capacitykW3.847.6914.93
Air -7°C | Water 35°CHeating capacitykW2.485.9411.76
Air -15°C | Water 35°CHeating capacitykW1.884.969.28
Air 7°C | Water 55°CHeating capacitykW4.027.7213.37
Air 35°C | Water 7°CCooling capacitykW3.007.0012.10
Air 35°C | Water 18°CCooling capacitykW4.009.3013.50
    Kita M Split
    Available with 7’’ touch panel
    Available with 7’’ touch panel

    Kita M split, medium- and low-temperature

    Kita-M Split (Risc BT MT)

    Kita M split, heating and water heating

    Kita-M Split (Risc + ACS)

    Kita M, medium- and low-temperature

    Kita-M (Risc BT MT)

    Kita M, heating and water heating

    Kita-M (Risc + ACS)