Ideal for residential and tertiary users.

Air to Water Heat Pump Kita L66: from 17 to 35 KW

Available in both monoblock that Split and powered single and three phase.

Kita L66 works in heating, cooling and produces domestic hot water.

Equipped with a BLDC scroll compressor with vapor injection that ensures Kita to work to -32 °C of the external temperature.

This unit has a 3-phase supply and is the model with the highest performance of the Kita range thanks to the dimensioning of components related to the developed thermal power.
Connected in “Multi-Kita” modality with others units (until a maximum of 4) it allows to reach the right powers  for cooling of flats and big users.

The heat pumps series Kita are available in both monoblock that Split to meet all your needs.

  • 3Phase supply 400V – 50 HZ
  • Smart InjectionEVI Inverter Scroll compressor
  • Internal and External Units with BLDC  modulating fans, at low revolution number
  • A class  encreased fan Ebmpapst  to optimize the performance and to limit the noise
  • Inverter con software
  • 2 electronic expansionvalves
  • Phase Controller
  • Climatic Curve to adapt to the thermal load varies as a function of external conditions
  • Remote Control panel
  • RS-485 interface
  • Managing external boiler
  • Integrated photovoltaic system
  • Double set-point management for plant and DHW
  • Stainless steel bowl for condensate
Ref. temperatureU.M.MinNominalMax
Air 7°C | Water 35°CHeating capacitykW16.2821.2835.00
Air 2°C | Water 35°CHeating capacitykW15.6220.6432.78
Air -7°C | Water 35°CHeating capacitykW10.8016.3028.44
Air -15°C | Water 35°CHeating capacitykW12.1823.10
Air 7°C | Water 55°CHeating capacitykW12.2919.1533.37
Air 35°C | Water 7°CCooling capacitykW10.0818.3225.30
Air 35°C | Water 18°CCooling capacitykW13.1723.9032.50
    Pompa di calore Kita Split
    Available with 7’’ touch panel
    Available with 7’’ touch panel

    L66 split, medium- and low-temperature

    Kita-L66 Split (Risc BT MT)

    L66 split, heating and water heating

    Kita-L66 Split (Risc + ACS)

    L66, medium- and low-temperature

    Kita-L66 (Risc BT MT)

    L66, heating and water heating

    Kita-L66 (Risc + ACS)